Rihanna or Jenifer Lopez, who’s the best?

There is no doubt that both Rihanna and Jlo, as she is popularly called, are two of the most iconic music superstars in the world. Although they are known in the R&B and hip-hop music genres, there are some differences in their style of music. But which is better than the other?

There are several indices we can use to measure their impact in the music world. But these two are from different generations. So comparing them could be a little difficult. While the older generation may prefer Jennifer Lopez, the younger generation may choose Rihanna. But, we can still try to compare them anyway.


When it comes to high-pitched voice, Jlo is better at it than Rihanna. However, the real divas of high-pitched voice are Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Whitney Houston. On the other hand, Rihanna has a unique low tone voice that is rare in the world. You can easily get a million people that could sing like Jlo, but that will be more difficult with Rihanna’s voice.


Stage performance

We can give it to Jlo when it comes to stage act. She has wowed her audience for over a decade anytime she puts up an act on stage. Rihanna is also good, but Jlo has an advantage because of her body shape.  And of course, she dances better.  This was when Jennifer Lopez was still younger (she is now 50 while Rihanna is 30). Even now, Jlo still looks great.



If we are going to call the shots based on awards, Rihanna will carry the day. Rihanna has had 584 nominations and won 214 music awards. She has 9 Grammies to her name. On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez has 324 nominations with 121 awards. Unfortunately, she hasn’t won any Grammy award. So, if we are going to decide the best based on awards, it’s glaring that Rihanna has the edge.


Well, well, well. There are many of Jlo’s fans who are actually drawn to her due to her movie acts rather than her music.  She has done well (I mean, very well) in movies. We can name a few blockbusters like Anaconda, Maid in Manhattan, Antz (voice), Ice age (voice), and Wedding Planner. Rihanna has done a few movies, but no one can really put her in the same class as Jlo if we are talking about movies.



In a nut shell, there are areas where Jlo is better and there are areas where Rihanna outshines her. However, we can’t really compare them directly, because they are from two different generations. It all boils down to personal choices.

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