Cleaning the electric smoker without harming the interior

Just like everything else, proper maintenance of your electric smoker or propane smoker will keep it useful for a very long time. Buildup of food debris and grease can clog up the smoker and reduce its performance. That is why it is necessary to do some cleanups after using the electric smoker.

However, proper care should be taken when cleaning to avoid harming the exterior. The following are guidelines you can take to properly clean the electric smoker while keeping it safe from scratches.

Clean the cooking chamber

Before cleaning the cooking chamber, allow it to cool completely. Then take out the drip tray, water pan, smoker box, and the racks. Wipe off the entire residue from the chamber.

Use warm water mixed with mild soap to scrub gently inside the chamber. After the gentle brush, wipe dry completely. Do not make use of hard substance to clean the chamber. It can damage the surface easily.

If you are cleaning with a bristle brush, check the chamber properly to ensure there are no bristle strands left in the chamber.

Wash the drip tray. Cooking racks and water pan. To make cleaning easier for you, coat the cooking racks with a vegetable oil before replacing them back in the chamber.

Clean the smoker exterior

After cleaning the chamber, the next place to focus is the body. Start with the control panel at the top of the electric smoker. Wipe off to clean dust. Then clean gently using soapy water and a damp cloth. The door seal usually have some built-up smoke residue. Ensure that you wipe this section clean using a slightly damp cloth.

Clean the temperature probe and thermostat

These are among the smallest parts of the electric smoker. But their roles in the smoker are very important. Hence, they need to be maintained as well. If you don’t clean the thermostat, food and oil residue can clog it.

When this happens, it can reduce optimum performance of thermostat. So, proper cleaning of the thermostat and meat probe is important.  Use a slightly damp cloth to clean. Then wipe dry when you are through.


Your electric smoker is a big investment you shouldn’t take likely. If you want to enjoy its overall benefits for a long time, a proper cleaning and maintenance routine will be in order.

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